Go to https://mybatbase.bebat.be and log in.

Then click “Declarations” - “Enter declaration” - “Declaration”. Next, click the declaration year in question. For the retroactive declarations, you will need to use the nomenclature numbers for your declarations for the various years which applied at the time.

2016 Nomenclature numbers

2017 Nomenclature numbers

2018 Nomenclature numbers

You will see the categories of the batteries concerned in the declaration screen. Click the category which applies to you. This will display sub-categories or chemical families of batteries which you can click.

You will then see nomenclature numbers.  These are Bebat item numbers/codes on which the batteries must be declared that you have put on the Belgian market.

These numbers may start with:

  • A code: for batteries sold separately (with the exception of starter batteries)
  • B code: for fitted/supplied batteries (with the exception of starter batteries)
  • SA code: for fitted (OEM) starter batteries
  • SB code: for separately sold starter batteries (after market)

You look up the nomenclature numbers for the batteries you put on the market based on the characteristics shown below and fill in the numbers.

  • sold separately / fitted or supplied along
  • chemical family
  • unit weight

For the nomenclature numbers which do not apply to you, leave the numbers unchanged at “0”.
In some cases you will also need to enter the unit weight in grams. For some nomenclature numbers (for e-bike batteries, Li-ion batteries >10 kg&≤20kg, Li-ion>20kg, Lead>105kg and batteries of other chemical families>20 kg) you not only need to specify the quantities put on the market but also the unit weight (in gram) of the batteries you not only need to specify the numbers put on the market but also the unit weight (in gram) of the batteries. This means 2 fields need to be entered for these numbers. If you have batteries with a different weight for such a nomenclature number, you need to repeat this nomenclature number in your declaration. You can do so by copying the nomenclature number in question, clicking the “Add Nomenclature” button and pasting the number into the “Nomenclature number” field of the search box. Then hit “Search” and the relevant number will be displayed along with the specifications. All that remains for you to do then is to click “Add” to see the nomenclature number added to your declaration screen. You will need to repeat this for the different unit weights of batteries that are to be declared for the same nomenclature number.

Once your declaration has been completed in full, simply click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen. This will transmit your declaration to Bebat.