You have prepared your declaration as explained under
"Do I need to declare all batteries?"
"Declaration basis"
"Which nomenclature numbers are used in the monthly declarations?"

If not, read the information in this FAQ or click here for our instruction video “The declaration: what, how and why?”

How do I prepare my monthly declarations?

The next step is for you is to go to and log in.

Once you are logged in, click "Declarations" - "Enter declaration".  Then click the relevant declaration period.

You now have two options:

  • You can either enter the declaration manually using the declaration grid.
  • Or you can import the declaration lines via an xlsx or xml file.

Manual declaration

Click here for our instruction video “Monthly declaration via the myBatbase Table”

Click "Add nomenclature" (you find this button below the declaration screen) and enter the search criteria.
Example: you are looking for the nomenclature number of a built-in lithium-ion pack of 250 grams. Click on “add nomenclature” and enter the battery’s characteristics. Click “Search” and the result will be displayed underneath. The correct nomenclature number in this case is B210035230.

Then select the relevant line by clicking it (this line will change colour to green) and then click the “Add” button at the bottom.

The selected nomenclature number is now displayed in the declaration screen. If you need to add multiple nomenclature numbers, simply repeat the actions described above until all nomenclature numbers are shown in the declaration screen.

The next step is for you to further complete the declaration screen. To do so, enter the quantities you have put on the Belgian market. In some cases you will also need to enter the usage (Industrial or Portable) and the unit weight in grams.

For some nomenclature numbers (for e-bike batteries, Li-ion batteries >10 kg&≤20kg, Li-ion>20kg, Lead>105kg and batteries of other chemical families>20 kg) you not only need to specify the quantities put on the market but also the unit weight (in grams) of the batteries. This means 2 fields need to be entered for these numbers. If you have batteries with a different weight for such a nomenclature number, you will need to include this nomenclature number again in your declaration.  
You can do this by clicking on the copy button (see icon in the screenshot below). You need to repeat this for all different weights of batteries that need to be declared for this nomenclature number.

Once your declaration has been completed in full, simply click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen. This will transmit your declaration to Bebat.

Declaration via import file

Click here for our instruction video “Declaration with an XML or Excel file”.

You can import a declaration file in a pre-defined XML or Excel (xlsx) format by clicking “import” in the declaration screen.
Click here to download the grid for the XML format and click here to download the Excel template.

In the templates the following fields are mandatory:

  • Product: this field is where you enter the nomenclature number
  • Quantity: this field is where you enter the quantities of batteries put on the Belgian market
  • Weight: this only needs to be entered for those nomenclature numbers where the weight has to be entered (E-bike batteries, Li-ion batteries >10 kg&≤20kg, Li-ion>20kg, Lead>105kg and batteries of other chemical families>20 kg).
    For all other nomenclature numbers you can leave this field blank.
  • Usage: this is where you specify the usage (Portable, Industrial or Automotive).
  • Comment: this is a free form text field (where you can add your internal comments/notes).