Your monthly battery declarations must be declared using nomenclature numbers.  These are Bebat item numbers/codes which encapsulate all known batteries.
You will find the right nomenclature number of any given battery by entering the following details in the "Search nomenclature" search box in the declaration screen on myBatbase:

  • Sold separately or included in/sold with an appliance, vehicle, bicycle, etc.
    • A code: for batteries sold separately (with the exception of starter batteries)
    • B code: for fitted/supplied batteries (with the exception of starter batteries)
    • SA code: for fitted (OEM) starter batteries
    • SB code: for separately sold starter batteries (after market)
  • Chemical composition (alkaline, lithium non-rechargeable, lithium-ion, lithium-polymer, nickel-metal hydride, zinc-manganese dioxide, etc.)

  • The I.E.C. code that is stated on the battery (e.g. LR6, LR03, CR2032, R6, R03, LR44, etc.). If you know the I.E.C. code, you will find the corresponding nomenclature number right away. The only additional criterion left for you to enter is whether the battery was sold separately or fitted/supplied.
  • The weight per battery (expressed in grams)
  • The sub-family (e.g. packs, propulsion not car, propulsion car, e-bike, etc.).  Below, some concepts are clarified:
    • Battery pack or “Pack” : a set of batteries which are connected and/or have an outer packaging, which makes up a single complete unit and which is not intended to be broken up or opened by the end user;
    • Propulsion car: traction batteries for hybrid, hybrid plug-in and electric vehicles (cars, trucks, buses, coaches, and agricultural or horticultural vehicles)
    • Propulsion not car: traction batteries for other applications (electric wheelchairs, toy cars, boats, bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, heavy plant and machinery, forklift trucks, cranes, golf carts, robotic lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners, electric scooters, etc.)
    • E-bike: batteries used to propel e-bikes (Please note: e-scooters, hoverboards and such are “propulsion not car” sub-family)
    • ...

Example: you are looking for the nomenclature number of a separately sold LR44 battery. Go to the search box via “Declarations – search nomenclature” and enter the battery’s characteristics. Click “Search” and the result will be displayed underneath. The correct nomenclature number in this case is A102040210.

You will also find the corresponding nomenclature number in this Excel file.

Once you have found all nomenclature numbers, the next step is to prepare your declaration statistic per nomenclature number.