Click here for our instruction video “A declaration based on products”.

For participants that sell products with different types of batteries in one and the same product (e.g. a laptop with a lithium-ion battery and a button cell), we have made it possible for you to declare setting out from products instead of based on nomenclature numbers. In that case, you will still first need to create the products in myBatbase and to link the nomenclature numbers of the batteries concerned that are fitted into these products or that are supplied along with these products.

Creating products

To create a product, log into myBatbase. Go to “Declarations”- “My products and contributions”, and click "+Create" in the “My products” screen.
Enter your own product name or item code (e.g. laptop XC30, etc.) and click “Save”.
Click “Add” to link the nomenclature numbers to this product.

This will pull up the search box, where you enter the characteristics.
Example: you are looking for the nomenclature number of a lithium-ion pack of 200 grams which is built-in. Go to the search box and enter the battery’s characteristics. Click “Search” and the result will be displayed underneath. The correct nomenclature numbers for this type of battery are B110020150 and B210035200.

Then select a correct nomenclature number by clicking it (this line will change colour to green) and then click the “Add” button at the bottom.

Specify the number of batteries of this type per product or item. Fill in the other fields (usage and unit weight), if applicable.

If your product also contains another type of battery, click “Add” again, look up the characteristics and add this additional nomenclature number, as detailed above. Subsequently also enter the number of batteries as well as the usage and the unit weight, if applicable. Once you have added all the nomenclature numbers for the product, simply click “Save”.

More products can be created in doing so. In each case, start from the “Declarations” – “My products and contributions” screen.

Including products in the declaration

Once you are logged in, click “Declarations” - “Enter declaration” - Declarations”. Then click the relevant declaration period.
Click “Add product” and select the products you wish to declare (click the line so it changes to green), and click the “Add” button. This will display the products in the declaration screen. Fill in the number of products and click “Submit” to send the declaration to Bebat.