An audit is a verification of the declarations of the previous calendar year. The obligations for the audits are defined in article 6 of the Regulation to the Participation Agreement. Audits can take place on-site (in the offices of the participant) or remotely (online). Bebat decides whether the audit is done on-site or remotely. We expect your full cooperation for each audit.

  • In case of an on-site audit, you will receive a letter from Bebat announcing the audit: in this letter we will also mention which points you need to prepare. Afterwards an auditor will contact you in order to make an appointment.
  • In case of an online audit, you will receive an invitation e-mail with the request to answer an online survey within a certain deadline. The online audit must then be completed by logging on to, via "My information centre - Online Audit". You will also have to submit a certain number of purchase and sales invoices. In case of incomplete information or ambiguities, we may ask you to provide additional documents or answer additional questions.

When the audit is completed, you will receive a letter and/or e-mail with our findings, and, if applicable, an additional invoice or credit note, if the findings require a recalculation of the contributions. A financial contribution will also be charged for certain findings. If we find that your company did not follow the procedures correctly, we will advise you to apply the procedures correctly in the future.