You should join Bebat if you sell batteries directly to Belgian private consumers (for example via the webshop).  It concerns both:

  • batteries sold separately and batteries included in or sold with appliances, vehicles, bicycles, etc.);
  • non-rechargeable (primary) batteries as well as rechargeable batteries.

If you only have B2B customers, i.e. professional customers who further distribute your products or use them professionally, your company has no obligation. In the first instance, your Belgian customers/distributors have their own obligation, and are considered as producers/importers. However, the possibility exists that the foreign supplier (i.e. your company) takes over - on a voluntary basis - the obligations of its Belgian distributors (substitution). Whether you voluntarily take over this obligation is of course a commercial matter between your company and your Belgian customers.

Our test allows you to find out whether or not you are required by law to enrol with Bebat:

Please read here our brochure concerning the take-back obligation of batteries.

Here you can submit your affiliation request.

The list of our participants is available to be consulted at:

As an alternative to enrolling with Bebat, you can submit an individual take-back obligation plan or waste prevention and waste management plan for approval to the regional authorities (Flanders: Ovam, Wallonia: Département du sol et des déchets (DSD), Brussels: Leefmilieu Brussel), in which you detail the way in which you individually comply with the take-back obligation as a manufacturer/importer. In practical terms, this means you are required to carry out the collection and processing of the batteries that are put on the market by year.